It’s a good tradition summing up the year in writing. Lets you reflect on life. Think more clear about the outcomes of certain decisions and where they led. And where the trails of life are going to lead us in the next year. Which of the foundations we’d laid in that year which is ending are going to lead to something bigger. And which are going to turn into frustrations – and eventually life lessons to build on.

For the past year I’d largely disappeared off the radar for most of the people I know. Last January I were in Taipei, busy in the middle of a life and work swirl. The swirl continued through most of the year, bringing however some of the most wonderful and constructive new foundations into my life. The foundations that I am proud of now, and on top of which I am planning to build for many years to come.

In the year 2017 I met fewer new people than in 2016, 2015 or even 2014 – but they taught me much more than ever before, and had a tremendous impact on my life, both personally and professionally. Not surprisingly at all, the most important people came into my life thanks to sheer serendipity, as they always have.

I’d seen two companies that I were involved with making successful exits. I did move a lot: in 2017 I spent 6 months living in Taipei, 2 months in Kuala Lumpur, 2 months in Saint Petersburg, one in Ukraine, and one traveling in Italy and Spain. I visited Thailand, Phillippines, Hong Kong and Singapore in between. I learned a lot – most importantly I learned what I need to learn to get where I want to be. I read some books, wish I did more. I got into audiobooks – what a slowpoke I’d been not to do that before. I attended some conferences – RISE in Hong Kong and TechSauce in Bangkok were awesome.

I wouldn’t overestimate if I said that I’d never been happier than in 2017. While the first couple of months of the year I spent figuring things out and sorting out my life, starting since summer it had taken an accelerating curve of events – which led me up the trajectory of growth to where I am now. Starting the New Year.


Sometimes the most important, wonderful and transformational people we meet – come into our lives thanks to serendipity. We don’t expect it. At first we don’t even believe that it may work out. But then there’s going to be a brief moment when we realize that that particular connection with a particular person is what we need in life. It’s what is going to take us the right path. It’s important to catch those connections, and turn them into something bigger. Nurture the relationships and use them as a leverage for turning things around in life. I used my chances in 2017 to the fullest.

Oftentimes we also need someone to give us a chance realizing our true potential. The chance is usually given just once, however doesn’t mean that we are not allowed to fail. Once we are given the chance and accept it – we are not allowed to give up, it’s only then when the chance is lost. Failing instead is just the right way towards figuring it out.

I’d been given some amazing chances for personal and professional growth over the previous years – and I’d been failing all along, only to find myself going up and up. Believing in what I were doing and continuing to fail. In 2018 I’m bound to continue on that path.


By 2017 I’d already traveled enough in my life, and met enough people, not to be excited by the sheer concept of going places for the sake of traveling. I felt a need for focus, for a more constructive and organized approach to life.

And yet once I found the meaning, revamped my goals, and built that organized and constructive approach towards things, I started going places and boosting up my social life again. What I realized: traveling and meeting new people only makes real sense when you aren’t lost. There isn’t going to be the right port for a lost ship, and nothing is going to feel truly right if you aren’t on the path that you’d want to be. Unless the experiences that you are going through are going to set you on that path of course.


Since August 2016 up to August 2017 I’d been on a roller-coaster ride with Vectr. It’s been awesome, and I am grateful to everyone who shared that journey with me, and everyone who’d helped me on it.

Since launching Vectr on September 13 2016, our vector graphics editor has been used by about 500k people around the world, with more than 50k using the app regularly each month. That number has been growing by no less than 20% MoM over the course of the year, demonstrating the most rapid growth among all free creative software. We managed to grow the traction thanks to scalable PR and SEO tactics : Vectr got covered by more than 1000 blogs and the organic traffic on domain grew from 1.2k in August 2016 to 92k in August 2017.

In October 2017 Vectr has been acquired by Inmagine Group creative ecosystem, which includes such brands and services as 123RF and Pixlr. At Vectr our mission has always been empowering the world to design – I’m proud we’d been successful in the process of achieving that goal. I’m excited to see where that goal is going to take us in 2018.

150sec – CEE tech and startup news blog which I’d been involved since October 2015 – has been acquired by ESPACIO. It’s great news, since all the core team of contributors has been just supported by a bunch of really experienced media executives and influencers, which have already taken the publication to the whole new level.


For those of you who don’t know yet – we’ve been working on a new venture full-time since November, which I joined this time as a co-founder. The plan for 2018 is to grow this venture into a meaningful company, creating some real impact and headed for the bright future.

The ultimate plan is to also continue working on the foundations of personal growth that I’d laid in 2017, in the relationships and on the learning paths. The plan is to work on a better work-life balance, start meditating, try yoga and lead a more mindful and balanced life – to accomplish and at the same time to experience more.

I also want to share more and give back more – experience, knowledge and lessons from the mistakes that I’d made. Therefore you may expect me writing more at this blog, as well as other platforms.

Thank you everyone who’s been supporting and helping me throughout that year.

I dare you , 2018.

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