About Vlad

Hey, my name is Vlad Shvets. 

I am a growth marketer, tech journalist, startup communities builder, global innovation ecosystems explorer, and mountain climber.

I have been the first business/marketing hire in three VC backed high-growth companies: in media, industrial IoT, and consumer creative software industries. There I got a unique chance to work with brilliant entrepreneurs side by side, tackling hard challenges and always taking the road less traveled.  

I have worked with other companies as a consultant, designing and implementing marketing and growth strategies from scratch. 

I founded the student entrepreneurial community in Poland START Warsaw, and was the 3rd person to join 150sec – largest English speaking startup media blog in CEE. 

I speak 5 languages fluently and have lived in 4 countries in Europe and Asia.

I love what I do.

And would love to hear about what you do too! Connect with me on LinkedIn , Twitter or email me at vs @ vladshvets dot com. 

I am also running a weekly newsletter, gathering the best and most worthy content on tech, growth marketing, startups, science, management, innovation, economics and global politics. I spend over 15 hours weekly reading and going through hundreds of articles published by both large media and niche blogs – selecting the best of them and sending over to you in a personal newsletter each Saturday morning. 

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